Rocks, Kaohsiung 3/11/2017 saw a fantastic lineup of the best local and international talent. From fuzztastic stoner rock through to psychedelic sounds from the underground, the audience was spoilt for choice. Hesher and The Last Wave represented the Southern Taiwan music scene while the psychedelic Japanese quartet, Sundays & Cybele brought an international sound reminiscent of the psychedelic heydays.

A strong crowd waited in quiet anticipation as the first act of the night made their way onto the stage, Hesher was up, and they did not disappoint. Hailing from Tainan this was their first ever show after only being together for a little over a year. They have developed a sound that is fresh and unheard of amongst the current music scene of Taiwan. A blend of stoner rock, hard core punk and psychedelic sounds meld seamlessly to create something that is truly unique. Sonically there is a nod towards Black Sabbath and Melvins, but there is still a glimpse of something original with regards to this melting pot of heavy laden sound, a bit of each musicians influence can be seen, heard and felt when Hesher steps onto stage. Rhythm guitars are filled with fantastic amounts of fuzz, the bass is smooth and adds another layer of sonic stimulation, the drums pound away in perfect rhythm, and guitar solos round off the whole package for what is and will most definitely become a band that brings Taiwan a new sound. There are no vocals present, although Hesher are on the lookout for a singer to fill the hot seat and round off the lineup. After a short six song set Hesher left the stage, and the audience, who experienced something original that night, wanted more. Make sure to keep an eye on some future blog posts for up and coming Hesher gigs.

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