Sundays & Cybele @ Rocks


Rocks, Kaohsiung 3/11/2017 saw a fantastic lineup of the best local and international talent. From fuzztastic stoner rock through to psychedelic sounds from the underground, the audience was spoilt for choice. Hesher and The last Waves represented the Southern Taiwan music scene while the psychedelic Japanese quartet, Sundays & Cybele brought an international sound reminiscent of the psychedelic heydays.


Sundays & Cybele, a band from Japan recently graced the stage at Rocks, Kaohsiung as part of their tour in support of their latest release “Chaos & Systems”. Sundays & Cybele have a massive psychedelic sound dispersed with some hints of acid rock, there is a distinct Japanese sound however that does not get lost in the eclectic mix.  This distinct sound has been created and crafted ever since they formed in 2004.  Mostly written by the front man Kazuo Tsubouchi one gets a definite sense of sincerity and a genuine quality through the music. It is heavy and heavenly simultaneously, and takes the listener on an acid drenched trip through sonic soundscapes reserved only for the masters of their craft. It weaves, turns and never stands still, there is a systematic chaos without losing its creativity. The reminiscent factor lies in the heavy Japanese 60s and 70s psychedelia influence a magical kaleidoscope of musical color emanate from this band as the set goes from strength to strength with songs as long as nine minutes it’s easy for the crowd to get lost in the beauty of what makes Sundays & Cybele such a world class act.


Each member of this group has the musicianship of band one would expect has freshly stepped out of a time machine to deliver to us the individuals of the future a sound of the psychedelic heydays. The band move seamlessly from soft to heavy, from dark to light, from chaos to system that create auditory stimulation akin to a psychedelic experience straight from the 60s. Couple this with the projected psychedelic visuals that engulf the band from the back of the venue as they play, it gives one the sense of visual hallucination.


Ultimately the music speaks for itself, the music from an era that is so pivotal in the history of its craft, this sound lives on in bands such as Sundays & Cybele, and this in itself is something exceptionally special.


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  1. Thanks for the review. And thanks to Rocks for getting them. I agree it was a great experience. Heavy, but kind of gentle and easy to listen to at the same time.

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