The Last Wave @ Rocks


Rocks, Kaohsiung 3/11/2017 saw a fantastic lineup of the best local and international talent. From fuzztastic stoner rock through to psychedelic sounds from the underground, the audience was spoilt for choice. Hesher and The Last Wave represented the Southern Taiwan music scene while the psychedelic Japanese quartet, Sundays & Cybele brought an international sound reminiscent of the psychedelic heydays.


It’s rare when a band steps out and creates a sound so tremendously unique that there is almost no way it could be categorized or put into a box, this in itself is the magic, and the music speaks for itself. This is what The Last Wave is all about. The Last Wave are Kaohsiung locals and one of the most unique sounding bands out there. There is a magical quality that resonates from this band. Each time The Last Wave play they add or subtract a new member who is then allowed complete creative control to improvise over songs that have previously been released and played by the other existing members. This creates a set of songs that are completely brand new in their own right, yet played with expert precision. There is no way to categorize the vast amount of elements that make up what is The Last Wave. There is a definite psychedelic factor mixed with a dub reggae base, but then sometimes there is an African vocal influence, a Middle Eastern guitar note, or even a passing ska trumpet all packaged within this funky sound. It is the intertwining of these sounds and influences into something audible that make this band masters of their craft. It’s an experimental extravaganza of sonic vibrations and a sound so rhythmically charged that the crowd could not stand still. This is one band that is worth every effort to see live. Make sure to keep an eye on future blog posts for up and coming The Last Wave gigs.

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