COMezik @ Rocks


Rocks, Kaohsiung 3/31/2017 saw yet another fantastic lineup of international artists perform as part of the pre-Spring Scream party. Deer Mx, from Hong Kong, set the tone with their unique blend of trip hop and electronic down tempo, while COMezik a three piece all girl band from Japan set the stage alight with their energy and powerful garage punk sound. The night was left on a high note with an immense performance by The Devils & Libido, from Japan, who brought a powerful mix of alternative noise and hardcore sounds. An intimate crowd gathered to witness the nights preceding’s.

COMezik, a three piece all-girl garage punk rock band may sound like a mouth full, a powerful, energetic band of young ladies ready to blow up any stage they set their instruments on. They arrive peacefully, innocently, having not seen the band before one would not be prepared for the explosion of sound they unleash upon the crowd, and they whirl you around in hyperactive circles, and then leave the stage as peacefully as they arrived.


The band, originally from Japan, Tokyo has an absolutely endless amount of energy on stage and project this energy through an engaging performance. Lin, bass & vocals, Satomi on drums, and Mariya on guitar have created a sound which reminds one of the garage punk scene of the late 80s. However, there are glimpses of other genres such as funk, rock, and occasionally indie influences which make this band such a delight to see. The performance lies in their never ending amounts of energy that just bound from the stage in waves of sonic vibrations. It is fun, energetic and an expertly delivered performance to say the least. With Lin’s bass holding down the rhythm and her fast paced vocals sung at a relentless pace she still manages to leap and move around the stage in a way that engages the audience, swaying backwards, forwards, left and right. Mariya on the other hand compliments the sound with her guitar and backing vocals, she too steps forward towards the crowd in bursts of liveliness. Satomi brings it all together with drum beats that match the passion, power and enthusiasm in their music.


COMezik formed in 2009, they settled on a name that had ancient origins, but a name that would describe their music and their ultimate embodiment of their performance. Comezik, as it is written, means “life” in ancient Asian island language. This idea of life is instinctively inherent in their music and molds together so effortlessly through their sole purpose of creating a high energy musical performance.

“I just want to live well, but I do not feel alive?” Shout out the question of “existence of self’ which does not stop at loud heavy rock. – COMezik

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