The Devils & Libido @ Rocks


Rocks, Kaohsiung 3/31/2017 saw yet another fantastic lineup of international artists perform as part of the pre-Spring Scream party. Deer Mx, from Hong Kong, set the tone with their unique blend of trip hop and electronic down tempo, while COMezik a three piece all girl band from Japan set the stage alight with their energy and powerful garage punk sound. The night was left on a high note with an immense performance by The Devils & Libido, from Japan, who brought a powerful mix of alternative noise and hardcore sounds. An intimate crowd gathered to witness the nights preceding’s.


The Devils & Libido are without a doubt one the most gargantuan bands to have played at Rocks in recent memory. This was their second performance to date at this iconic Kaohsiung venue, and marked a brief stopover on the road to the Spring Scream festival, and they did not disappoint. For those witnessing their performance for the first time it really was something unique and somewhat outrageous.


The Devils & Libido are a two piece alternative noise core band from Tokyo, Japan. One of the most explosive two piece acts around, The Devils & Libido have crafted a huge sound from a variety of influences, packed all these influences into a concise arrangement of sounds,  stripped it down and made some of the most uniquely powerful music around. Consisting only of a drummer and a bassist they have collectively created a sound one would expect from a symphony of a larger magnitude. Their influences come from unexpected places, Sun Ra, Lightning Bolt and even Metallica are cited as having influenced their sound. The drumming is unreal, expertly executed, in time and on point. Its funky, its hard rock, its jazz, its loud, its fast however delicate at the same time. The bass literally screams at the audience and as the genre they abide by suggests, it’s noisy, high energy packaged in a high energy performance. The two musicians complement each other in their contrasting approaches to their instruments and the way it which they perform.


Founded in 2015, The Devils & Libido are constantly touring and playing gigs, big or small, indoor or outdoor. They have applied their own theory to the way in which they go about performing, playing and producing their music. This theory, as so eloquently stated by their bassist, is known as the ‘Fuck off theory’ or in other terms an explosion of human energy that they try to capture through their performances. Their writing technique is one of a pretty straight forward nature, simply put, play what feels and sounds good.

The Devils & Libido have their sights set on the future, with many more tours planned around the world they plan on spreading their noise throughout the globe. This a band you definitely do not want to miss the next time they are in your neck of the woods.

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