Pleiades, the Greek mythological story that speaks of the seven daughters of Atlas who were turned into a group of stars does much to describe this band and its sound, a sonic journey through space and time. A post-rock band from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Pleiades has solidified a name for themselves in the local music scene playing at all major venues on a regular basis across the island. If you are one that attends regular music events the chances of you coming across Pleiades is very high.

Pleiades formed in 2011 when guitarist and loop specialist, Turn Lin, started to forge the idea of the band. It wasn’t until June 2013 when drummer Andy Ho joined to mark the official beginning of Pleiades. Today Pleiades has a full line up consisting of Drummer,冠橋(Guan-ciao), Bassist 名家(Ming-jia), Guitar/loop:林轉(Turn Lin), Guitar:黃甯(Flower)


When asked about their influences, they are quick to point out some of Taiwan’s other established post-rock groups, including Sugar Plum Ferry from Taipei, Taiwan. Other notable influences include, This Will Destroy You, CASPIAN, Tokyo Shoegazer, and cinematic such as Star Wars and 2001: A Space Odyssey. The sound that they have created is fully enveloped in the name they have chosen for themselves, it dreams up images of space travel, planetary exploration and the depths of the unknown beyond our solar system, but then it brings you back down to earth on a quest to look into ourselves, to realize our place on this planet.


When asked the question, “What do you wish to communicate through your music?” the answer is a deep and complex one that shows much deliberation and thought has gone into the way in which this band aim to sound and what it is they wish to project onto their audience, the answer is as follows:

“We do not wish to send out a particular message through our music. Our music shares our feelings about life, yet we hope that our listeners can search deep within themselves and through listening to our music, find a message from their heart.”

“Post-rock is a very special type of music that doesn’t use words to mention a particular object. Hence, it allows people to connect with their own personal experience. The answers and stories to what the music means only exists in the individual.


Beyond race, culture, region and generations, we hope that we can share our feeling about the world and life with our listeners.”

“Feelings are too abstract to put into words and letters due to their limits. Therefore, music is the best way express those feelings.

Our music contains our respect to the universe and the greatness of nature, the thoughts of individuals and life, our objections to society and system.

Through music, we have a way to express more than “true or false”, “right or wrong”.

We hope we can strike a chord in every individual’s personal experience, thoughts, and feelings.”


It is clear that Pleiades have an insatiable drive to forge ahead with their music and their sound. With only one EP released in 2014, “M45”, they have been able to tour and gain a respectable following. New music is currently in the process of being written and should be due for release this year. With new music in the pipeline, Pleiades have expressed their intention of a tour to foreign countries, taking their music and their message to more people by cooperating with movie productions, visual artists and short films.

Make sure to catch Pleiades on their next tour or show near you. In the meantime you can listen to their music through a variety of sources, just follow the links below:


Street Voice | Band camp | Facebook

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