Hope The Flowers


Music, as we know it, has a definitive and distinct impact on us, this is why music in all its infinite forms, genres, and methods of delivery, have for centuries held such importance in the development of humankind. One of the earliest forms and reasons for the creation of music was to tell stories, and pass down traditions. This reason is still very much alive, and can be seen in the musical output of bands such as ‘Hope the Flowers’.

Hope the Flowers is a Thai based post rock band that formed in March 2013 out of the initial solo project of Narongrit Ittipolnavakul, who plays guitar. The line-up was complete when Chananan Janthorn (guitar), Wasin Wainiya (keyboards), and Panuwit Naksuppanit (bass) joined to round off the band.


Coming from Samut Prakan, a central Thai province in the Gulf of Thailand, they have been able to forge a sound very unique to themselves. Their sound has evolved over time to what it is today, but started out as an influence drawn from Asian movies, especially those coming out of Japan. Narongrit witnessed the scenery of Japan through these moving pictures, fields of cherry blossoms, landscapes filled with snow, and attempted to harness these images by communicating this through their music. The music would go on to become the sonic expression of images usually bound by the movie screen.


The music would go on to evolve, later incorporating influences from Asian melody-like singing, accompanied by a heavy rhythm, Hope the Flowers were starting to find their sound. There is also a major Taiwanese, and Japanese post-rock sound in their music. All these added together makes for a kaleidoscope of sounds.

So far Hope the Flowers have released one album, with a second one on the way for the middle of this year. In their first album, Narongrit attempts to compare his life with the nature of things that surround him, this led him to title the album “Nature of Everything”. All the track titles are nature orientated and come from Narongrit himself. Through this album there is a sense of what Narongrit described in his own words “Life has happiness, hope, sadness, sorrow. Everything is human nature”


Their second album due for release soon communicates something a little different. The album appropriately named “I miss you” speaks of the emotional connection we have with those around us. It’s about missing someone you love, someone you haven’t seen for a long time, and perhaps even someone you have never met before.  This album created a new approach to the way in which Narongrit and the rest of the band write their music. In their first album “Nature of everything”, Narongrit led most of the song writing. This has changed in the writing of their second album where band members have been given the artistic freedom to add their own lines. It started out as initial melodies which then were later turned into tracks by adding MIDI drums, keyboards, guitar riffs, and bass lines.

Make sure to check out Hope the Flowers the next time they tour your area. In the meantime keep an eye on their band camp page for more details on their next release.

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