Mozigon – Turtle Waist (烏龜腰)

Mozigon (寞子宮), whose name means ‘lonely uterus’, are a band (actually, they call themselves a religious organization) from Taipei who combine elements of goth-rock, trip-hop and dark wave. Their vocalist has a wailing style that is reminiscent of Siouxsie Sioux or Nina Hagen in their more sonorous moments. Worth checking out if you like Skip Skip Ben Ben.

Their songs tend to deal with with dark impulses, such this one about removing another person’s organs and wearing them oneself in order to see the world as they do.

Of course, they all dress in black and shoot their videos in black and white.

Follow them on Facebook and listen to them on Soundcloud, Streetvoice, Indievox, and YouTube.

Rebel Sound Studio Live Session V III-Mozigon from Rebelsoundstudio on Vimeo.

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