A refreshing break from the over-saturated genres of shoegaze and post rock, heavy metal has seen a huge amount of support over the last few years, with many new bands coming out and performing on a regular basis at festivals and venues throughout the island. As with any genre of metal, there is a legion of fans who will go all out to support their favorite artists, and deathcore is no exception. With a younger generation that has been exposed to more extreme genres of heavy music, deathcore is playing a pivotal role in developing this devout fanbase of metal enthusiasts. Deathcore is a portmanteau, a blend of death metal and hardcore punk. Often looked down upon by metal elitists due to it’s oversimplified song structure, bland, mediocre or emotional approach to lyrics, and the emo appearance of band members. That said, it is becoming harder to deny it as a legitimate genre of metal, especially in Taiwan where deathcore remains one of the most accessible, and widely supported genres of heavy music.


Only two years into their musical career, Disappearance, the Kaohsiung- based deathcore band are adding their own unique take to the genre, and join a growing scene often dominated by the more well-established deathcore bands of Taiwan, such as Flesh Juicer or Beyond Cure. Disappearance, despite their infancy, are set to make a name for themselves with their heavy yet somewhat symphonic sound coupled with guttural vocals, dominated by a heavy rhythm section and accompanied by a menacing aural orchestration that can be heard in the background, thereby adding unique touch that brings about a mysteriously dark atmosphere. Their impressive approach to songwriting is polished off with an even more impressive lead guitar section that surfaces in an unexpectedly tranquil manner.  Influences on their unique direction come from some extreme bands, such as Meshuggah, the Swedish extreme metal act who unintentionally became the forefathers of an entire genre known as Djent, Lamb of God the American heavy metal gods, to Beyond Cure—a well-known Taipei-based deathcore band adored by the local metal community.


The band use their music in a very traditional heavy metal sense, namely, one that expresses anger towards those things they do not agree with. Their lyrics speak of society’s injustices, government corruption, and a general resentment towards the norms that have been placed upon them. As Chien En, lead guitarist and song writer for Disappearance states it “Deathcore became our genre of choice; it is within this genre that we find an extreme and aggressive way to express our emotions. We have our own opinions that reflect through our music. We strongly disagree with the values that society has forced us to believe, and we want to connect with an audience that understands this, to give them a space to let go of their anger, and frustrations, and to let them know they are not alone.”

Without much available material, Disappearance rely on their live performances to promote their music. Planning to record a new single, the band is currently in the process of writing new songs, due to be recorded in March next year with an initial release date expected for next summer.

Disappearance line-up consists of:

Vocals :Ong Hao Chun (翁浩鈞)

Lead Guitar:Chen Chien En (陳謙恩)

Rhythm Guitar:Li Ying Hsuan (李映璇)

Bass :Liu Yu Kai (劉宇鎧)

Drums:Yu Jen Chun, aka ‘Elliott’ (余仁雋)

Disappearance will be performing at Rocks, Kaohsiung as part of the Taiwan Death Metal Fest. If you are a fan of extreme music, you won’t want to miss this. For more information follow Taiwan Death Metal Fest on Facebook.

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Photographs by Meihsiang Tsai / Jimmy T’s Photography

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